Helsinki: Seurasaari and its Squirrels

Seurasaari is one of the many islands that make up the fringes of Helsinki. It lies to the northwest of the city, connected to the mainland by a white, wooden footbridge that is easily accessible from the city centre via the 24 bus. There are a few things that make rocky, forested Seurasaari special among Helsinki’s hundreds… Continue reading Helsinki: Seurasaari and its Squirrels

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Helsinki: To Tallinn And Back Again

Last weekend, we got up at an ungodly hour and made our way to West Terminal 1 (Länsiterminaali 1) at the West Harbour in order to catch the 8.30am Eckerö Line ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. We were pleased with ourselves when we booked it because an online sale meant that we got the return tickets for… Continue reading Helsinki: To Tallinn And Back Again